"Where do you want to eat?"

"Where do you want to eat?" generally followed by a responding "I don't know" is an exchange that is a little too familiar for a lot of today's diners. With an abundance of restaurants to choose from, deciding on one common restaurant to satisfy the desire for a good meal can seem daunting. Now enter the motivation behind this blog. The city of Great Falls has a multitude of restaurants to choose from, offering a wide variety of options depending on the dining experience you seek. A good number of these restaurants are "chains", corporate giants offering the same menus in a variety of locations throughout the country. Nothing personal against these chain restaurants, but especially in today's economy, it is incredibly important to support local businesses. When the public invests in locally-owned buisnesses, the money is recycled back into the local community. Therefore, this blog will only feature the locally-owned restaurants of Great Falls. Each week, one local restaurant will be featured and reviewed, with the intent that the next time "where do you want to eat?" is proposed, a locally-owned business will be supported.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bar-S Supper Club

Located just off the scenic River Dr. N., the Bar-S Supper Club is a tribute to Montana in more ways then one.

The beauty of Montana is depicted just inside the heavy double doors, where a floor-to-ceiling waterfall trickles down the wall.

Stuffed wildlife is displayed throughout the bar and restaurant in a manner customary of a hunting lodge.

The barn wood paneling and window framing as well as the bare log rails that line the ceiling add to the rustic, authentic feel of the establishment.

The large, open dining room invites a feeling of community and friendship amongst the diners.

The menu features locally grown, grass fed beef in the form of steaks and, according to the waiter Ian, the “best prime rib in Montana”.

Seafood options are also offered at Bar-S and prices range from $20 to $40.  The Steamed Shrimp Lobster Style provides a healthy alternative for the health conscious diner and is available for $21.95.

For the appetizer, Ian recommended the Shrimp Wraps.  Minced shrimp encased within a crispy wonton shell, was served with a side of sweet chili sauce.  The Shrimp Wraps had a mild seafood flavor that when dipped in the sweet chili sauce, created a slightly spicy edge.

Complimentary bread was brought to the table at the same time as the appetizer.  The warm wheat bread melted the sweet honey butter immediately, as it was spread on every slice. 

Because it was proclaimed to be the “best prime rib in Montana”, I ordered the Queen cut Prime Rib cooked medium for $19.95.  The size of the queen cut prime rib was quite generous and consumed much of the dinner plate.  The tender, juicy steak had a smoky grilled edge and when paired with the zesty horseradish, created a mouthwatering effect worthy of its proclamation as the best in Montana.  The prime rib was served alongside crinkle-cut Bar-S chips.  These potato slices were deep fried, although not oily.  Homemade, thick, creamy ranch was provided for dipping.

A local baker prepares the desserts offered at the Bar-S Supper Club.  To culminate the dinner, the lemon cheesecake was recommended.  The smooth, creamy cheesecake had a fresh, citrus zing, and was the perfect size to wrap up this dinner.

The Bar-S Supper Club is a great place for family dinners, dinner with friends, or any other type of outing.  Reservations are recommended each night in order to ensure seating in a timely manner.  The staff is friendly, the environment is lively, and your experience is sure to be enjoyable at the Bar-S Supper Club.

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